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The largest choice of stones

including rare and incredible fossil agregates.

The best marbles from all around the world.

Let us marry them with gemstones, precious woods and metals.

L’enceinte bleue by Madotec.

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Example of fossil agregates(Picasso Agathe Précieux)

Example of assembly of different marbles (Valence Yellow and White of Carrare)


- Triangular Noir Marquina marble loudspeaker with 5 inch full range driver.

- Double bass reflex Rouge Griotte  marble loudspeaker with 21EXM8 field coil driver.

 M.Yves LOGIE set up:

- double bass reflex Noir Saint Laurent marble loudspeakers with 21EXM7 field coil driver.

- field coil power supply installed in a Bleu du Hainaut granite cabinet.

Haute Fidélité show 2014